Simon Hodgkinson

Simon Hodgkinson

"Add These Missing Ingredients To Your Web Business Today!.."

There are some people, products and practices that are "game-changers".

When they are deployed, good things happen.  The way we do things, the way we view things, the way we think about things ... and the resulting outcomes are affected, often dramatically.

We all recognize a "game-changer" when we see it, or when someone points it out to us.

But, what exactly is a "game-changer"?

Here's the definition I use...  That which positively alters the overall outcome.

Words like "impact", "influence", and "effect" all come to mind...

...  I've been making a full-time living from home with my Internet business since late 1999.  During this time I've sold hundreds of thousands of digital products and helped tens of thousands of people around the world with their own Internet businesses.  Recently I took a look back and jotted down the ten things which have impacted my business the most over the past decade-plus.

I call them...TEN TRUTHS!

Each of these "truths" has positively altered the overall outcome of my business.  Said another way, each of them has made me more money than I would have made without them.

These Just Might Be The Missing Ingredients To Your Online Success!


Simon Hodgkinson is a best-selling, globally published, author, copywriter and business consultant. Simon owns UK based publishing company Hodgkinson Publishing Ltd a leading exponent of digital publishing.  Simon is also a founding partner of two US based technology companies, PromoteLabs Inc and Power House Technology LLC.

Simon is a vocal and enthusiastic champion of entrepreneurism and small business ownership.

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